Weekend Festival Madness (Pt. 2): End Hip End It Brings Psych to Old Town Spring

And here we are, again, with the second of this weekend’s several festivals, this time way up north of town in Old Town Spring. It’s a brand …

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Weekend Festival Madness (Pt. 1): Untapped Houston Brings Together Good Beer & Good Music

Dammit. This was supposed to get posted last night, but yours truly actually passed out on the couch and blew it — it’s been a long-ass week, I’m afraid. Sorry …

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Yr. Week, Pt. 2: Bad Religion + Elvis Costello + Keeton Coffman + Shane’s BDay + Lincoln Durham + KTRU x SoS + Only Beast + Craig Kinsey + Eisley + More

This weekend, y’all — I mean, seriously. There’s so much going on that I’m having to split it up and skip a whole bunch of stuff…or else I’ll never …

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Things To Watch: Khruangbin, “Two Fish and an Elephant”

So, did you realize Houston has a Thai soul-pop band? None of whom are from Thailand, mind you, as far as I’m aware, but Khruangbin have embraced …

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Yr. Week, Pt. 1: The Temper Trap + GTA + Gang of Four + The Faint + Opeth + The Sword + The Dandy Warhols + Deep Cuts + Young Girls + More

Alright, so this week I’m attempting to get this whole “cool shows coming up” thing done a bit early, in part because, well, I keep running out of time at …

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Yr. Weekend, Pt. 1: Young the Giant + Ra Ra Riot (Rev’d!) + Trivium + Sabaton + Hearts of Animals + Fiddle Witch + Tommy Stinson + Only Beast + More

So, if you fall off the horse, you’re supposed to pick yourself up and get back on it again, right? That’s what I’ve always heard, and it kinda-sorta feels …

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Yr. Weekend, Pt. 2: Houston Open Air + Jealous Creatures + Alabama Shakes + Finnegan + Getter + Oktoberfest Houston + More

Okey-dokey — back on this horse, sort of, and since I’ve already been running later than I’d like to be, I’m now at least trying to get ahead. It …

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Yr. Weekend, Pt. 1: Frog Hair + The Tontons + Young Mammals + Islander + Satin Hooks + Penny & Sparrow + My Twilight Pilot + More

So. I stopped doing these little weekend-preview things a while back, because honestly, it was eating my life and giving me a nervous breakdown; I kept running out of …

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Steamboat Amps (and Now, Guitars) Throws Open Its Doors, This Saturday

There’s a hell of a lot of good stuff going on this weekend — and yeah, we’ll hopefully get to that soon — but this one stands out for me. …

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The Future Is Coming: Get Yourself Ready for Day for Night

Oh, man. I got a bit wrapped up in the countdown to Yes, Indeed! 2016 last week, so I let this one slip a bit, and that …

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Tonight: Check Out Beach Slang’s Badass New Album at Arlo’s, Courtesy of WIRED UP (Plus a Review!)

Alright, so it’s not a show, but it’s damn cool anyway. Tonight, Monday, September 19th, the good people of WIRED UP — modern conveniences (one of whom …

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Yes, Indeed! 2016 Rundown, Pt. 3: Night Drive + CHEW + Fea + Young Girls + The Wheel Workers + Islands & Tigers + Arthur Yoria + Birthday Club + Muddy Belle

Back again, as promised, for Round Three (aka The Final Round) of SCR’s happy little preview/writeup things for Yes, Indeed! Music Fest 2016, which will be

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Yes, Indeed! 2016 Rundown, Pt. 2: Jody Seabody & The Whirls + Only Beast + DASHR + Bernie Pink + La Sien + PuraPharm + Mockingbird Brother + Jealous Creatures

Alright, and here we are again, with Round Two of our little writeups for this Saturday’s (September 17th, for the calendar-less) Yes, Indeed! Music Festival, slated to explode …

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Yes, Indeed! 2016 Rundown, Pt. 1: JVS Reel + Nicole Starch & Torpedoed Heart + Whit + A Tribute to the Sun + Ringo Deathstarr + All People + dUNETX + Jon Black

Yes, friends, neighbors, Houstonianites, it’s just about time again for the “other” half of the bi-annual music festival extravaganza that’s known either as the Yes, Indeed! Music Festival

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Tonight: Discussing H-Town Music with H-Town Music Icons, at Discovery Green

Well, the weather is looking like crap where I am, but hopefully not over at Discovery Green, because tonight (Tuesday, September 13th) the Green will be hosting a …

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Tonight: Keeton Coffman Releases His New Album, Out at Dosey Doe (Plus Other Cool Shows, Too)

I know I’ve been missing a ton of great shows lately, but dammit, I can’t let this one slip by without a mention. Keeton Coffman, who the …

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Pop Hero Arthur Yoria’s Back, and He’s Rescuing Stray Dogs Along the Way

So, it looks like Arthur Yoria has come back home to Houston, and oh, man, am I glad to see it. The last I’d heard from Arthur, …

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Tonight: Lucero & Robert Ellis Roar Through Stafford (No, Seriously)

I don’t get out much these days; it’s a sad, sad truth of my near-suburban Soccer-/Theater-/Cub Scout-Dad existence. When I see a show coming up, even one that sounds …

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Technology Sucks. (Well, Sometimes, Anyway.)

Hey, folks — I just wanted to poke my head up briefly to mention a couple of SCR-related things that have been going on behind-the-scenes, to let everybody know in …

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Tonight & This Weekend: White Oak Music Hall Opens Its Doors, At Long Last

I’ve gotta be honest: I was skeptical that White Oak Music Hall, the new purpose-built venue for local music-promotion icons Pegstar, was ever going to really …

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